Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back in D Day n New 2Day - Brits! (3)

Yes people it's that time again! Your girl London is gonna give you a flashback and a new track! lol That wasn't meant to rhyme! This edition of BD2D is a lil different! As you know your girl London is from the UK and I haven't been showing "my peeps" lol any love. So I'm gonna give you 2 tracks from the UK and 2 tracks from the Yanks! Still the same concept as before but I thought I'd give you something to tingle your taste buds (seeing as you didn't get any of my cake! lol)

The first track is by Estelle and it's called 1980. This song is great and so is the video because it goes so well with the lyrics of the song. Just a real vid . . . her on a porch doing what se does best rapping (she's also good @singing)!

This next vid is of Adele from yes LONDON!! She went to the Brits. Which is a stage school based in London which has also had the likes of Katy Nash rise from their beings! The first time I saw her, was when she performed on the Jonathon Ross show on BBC1. I think she is really talented and her voice is really soulful so WATCH OUT for her! This track is called "Hometown Glory" and has been buzzing around for a while now! So Enjoy . . .

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